About AUAM

American Universities Alumni Association of Malaysia (AUAM)

American Universities Alumni Association of Malaysia (AUAM) is a non-profit organization established in 1977. AUAM was officially registered with Registrar of Society (ROS) on 13th March 1989. Membership in the association is open to all who have attended colleges and universities in the United States, or those who have been awarded American degrees through programs conducted in Malaysia.

The main objectives of the association are to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, organization of educational and social activities, and the promotion of international understanding and goodwill.

AUAM plans and implements various programs that bring together Malaysian alumni of American Universities, as well as Americans in Malaysia.

Our Office

" United We Prosper "

Notes From President

Time passes very fast. Without realizing, our Association is now forty years old. Looking back we can pride ourselves with the fact that we have over the years carried out activities to ensure the continuation of our existence.

I wish to take this opportunity to appeal to all American Universities graduates to join and support the Association which can play the role of unifying together all the thousands of American universities graduates in the country.

Together, we can contribute towards nation building and foster goodwill amongst the multiracial population of our country. I am sure we can play our part meaningfully, if we apply our mind to the task.

With best regards.

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, President AUAM